Frontlines: Fuel of War PC And XBox 360

Frontlines: Fuel of War is the great first person shooter with all the makings of a lasting popular game with plenty of single and multiplayer action.
Ratings: Graphics amp; Audio: 20/25, Gameplay: 20/25, Creativity 15/25, Fun 24/25
Total: 79/100

Although the game has nothing in the realm of totally new or innovative gameplay it is really fun. Frontlines: Fuel of War is a great playing game with all the earmarks of a long lasting multiplayer first person shooter.

Frontlines: Fuel of War is brought to gamers by THQ and KAOS Studios to the PC and the XBox 360 console in all its first person glory. Fuel of War is a very fun game even though it does not have all the high ratings or outstanding reviews, it is a fun game that has all the right elements of a well made first person shooter.

Frontlines: Fuel of War follows a common modern shooter theme with the story line of war for the sake of oil reserves. Protecting or getting their hands on the fuel that runs all those military machines is the main storyline and you find yourself fighting for that reason, or just to kick some butt military style. The story is a decent one but not all that necessary in the grand scheme of things as you only really need a decent game to have a reason to fight for one side or the other.

In the multiplayer portion of the game you have the usual team based play with equal weapons and a wide open battlefield so the multiplayer starts out pretty good. The maps are nice sized with plenty of cover as well as wide open areas for the large tanks and other vehicles.

The weapons and vehicles are nicely textured and realistic with a good amount of realism for things like recoil and sound so there are no complaints about them. The scenery is a really good looking rustic battlefield type with plenty of damage all over as well as destructible. The game plays well and there are plenty of great things about it but there is nothing over the top or even fantastic about it.

It is fun to play both the multiplayer as well as the single player but like so many games the single player and especially the AI does not have that human touch or general unexpected nature of human control that multiplayer does. Playing against a human has an unexpected and spontaneous quality that games just lack but the single player is a really good portion of the game and plenty long.

It will take a good ten hours to complete the single player but the value here is over the top and then some. You have pretty much free reign for the way you accomplish your mission in the open sandbox environment. This allows for some really fun revisiting to accomplish the goals in a very different style that made Ghost Recon so much fun for me.

The levels in both the multiplayer and the single player are basically the same, wide open field of battle in open areas as well as clumped in cityscapes. The battles you rage are on foot and in vehicles like the main battle tank that is toward the end of the campaign so there is a good variety to how you go about many of the goals.

You also get some really neat toys to play with like remote control helicopters, trucks and machine guns on tracks to bring the hurt to your enemy. These remote weapons are very easy to control and very fun to use as well as easily destroyed by the enemy so using one does not make one side overly strong.

Throughout the single player campaign you can pretty much choose how you accomplish the main objectives and have the whole field of battle to choose your approach. This loose feel and wide open paths make for a fun game in the same style as Battlefield 2142 as well as the older Ghost Recon games.

The single player campaign is fun and following the storyline is great through the use of short cut scenes as well as the actual gameplay of fighting toward an ultimate goal. The games realism is nice and even the added nuclear strikes and not being able to leave your tank for one whole level makes it fun.

There is an unseen and even mystical quality to a well made video game that endures the test of time, or at least the test that a few months will bring. I have played several games and ones that stay on my computer or that I keep for my console systems are ones that have proven to have all the qualities I want in a game.

The game has to be enjoyable and easy to pick up and play for an hour or even shorter when I’m in the mood and not need minutes to get to the action. Fuel of War has this; you can jump into any single player or multiplayer map and be trading shots with the best of them within minutes.

It also has to be controllable like there is no thought involved, whereas some games have you constantly fighting with the control scheme just to get things done. Fuel of War has you shooting it out without even having to use a keyboard chart to figure out what keys do what in the PC version. The XBox 360 version however is another matter.

I found the PC version immensely satisfying in the multiplayer as well as the single player even though there are obvious flaws and some things that are not totally fantastic or perfect about the game. You can easily pick the class of soldier and a good choice of weapons for each as well as all the really cool remote vehicles and several drivable ones depending on the maps.

You can roam the entire map and fight as you choose, from the shadows using a sniper rifle or right in front with the other soldiers side by side with the heavy weapons. You can even work from a command perspective dropping air strikes on the important targets and helping the foot soldiers get to the objectives. This looseness of the gameplay as well as ease of picking exactly how you want to play your character adds to the variety as well as enjoyment for many to play the game.

The XBox version plays almost exactly like the PC version with some very minor exceptions but the main difference is, of course, the XBox 360 control scheme. The controller still has not become my favorite method of playing video games and I just cannot get the hang of the silly thing. For some games it makes sense and works well but for first person shooters it does not work and I don’t like it.

I play the PC version much more and will probably be keeping it for some time to come as it is a very enjoyable game but the XBox 360 version is just not my cup of tea just because of the controller. If you are used to the controller than by all means do not delay and get right into the fight along with the other red or blue team and duke it out.

Frontlines: Fuel of War is a great game and one that is definitely worth the price of admission to see. This is one game that has the lasting power in the multiplayer section to be around for at least a few years.

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